It’s hard being Frank

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I’m sure my poetry takes some getting used to, so here’s another one.  I’ll finish it if I get a request to do so.  The future of Frank depends on one of you out there.

Hard being Frank

Icky Body Crane

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Another funny for thought and anyone interested.

The hearts of man

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The hearts of manA Friday funny.

Just say No

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I did this in Sai Paintbrush with a Bamboo tablet.  I was watching a movie (guess which one).  I started doodling while watching and look what happened.  I told him not to do it! That shit’ll kill you!! 


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I’ve been away from WordPress for some time then I posted my latest poem and received plenty of traffic!

I’d like to say Thank you for the encouragement everyone.  You made my day.


The man with the transplanted hand


This is the story of the man and his transplanted hand.

The transplant, he found. was to bring much consternation.

Because the hand that they gave him, was prone to masterbation!

The hand it would seem, had a mind of it’s own

and that’s why the poor guy could never leave his home.

In the man’s mind, everything would seem cool.

but out here, in the real world, he was pulling on his tool!

He went to his doctor, who pumped him full of meds.

Which didn’t do a damn thing, except keep his ass in bed

A man with his affliction should not be laying down.

But he couldn’t go outside and move about the town.

In a fit of frustration he strapped a guitar against his junk

and when that hand got to stroking —

it was kicking out the FUNK!!

He was rockin’ that guitar like a bad ass Billy Squire!

He even had the nerve to play Great balls of fire!

He played that one as a silly little pun because for the first time in a long time

he was finally having some fun!

Then the hand wrote a note saying all it wanted was attention

So the man and his hand chose to end all their contention

The man told the hand that he had the most perfect of plans

Together they would start the first ever

one hand band!


I can’t help myself – lol

Clay B. T.

July 3, 2014


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Living in a border city I get plenty of American news and over the years I’ve noticed a pattern that is nationwide and should have alerted the authorities long before me.
Seriously, back in the day G-men went after the Mafia and many other gangsters. After nine-eleven, the military started hunting the Taliban to put a stop to any hypothetical future threats. And yet in America one of the biggest syndicates has been thriving for years. Apparently under the proverbial radar and with complete amnesty.
I may be putting myself at risk by bringing attention to this ever-expanding criminal organization but I feel it is my humanitarian responsibility to do so. Here goes,
Everytime I’m watching the news and they interview relatives of a criminal (after he/she perpetrated some heinous shit) the first words out their mouths are, “He/she just fell in with ‘the wrong crowd’ !”
I know you’ve heard the line too.
But what I’m wondering is, why they never go looking for the leader of this crowd! They’ve never even caught a Lietenant or any other person of “the crowd”! They catch one idiot and then they stop looking for the rest of this “wrong crowd.” The shit just keeps spreading!
What’s up with that?

By Clay B. Talbert