dont care anymore


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I’ll be there

A great song I thought I would share (if anyone other than me cares).  Either way I stored it for later use ( I hope).

Peace, love and other interesting indoor sports.

the explaination

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Quit quitting

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Just say no

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A Whale of a Tale

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A Whale of a tale

There once was a whale
who hated the name
being called a humpback whale
only brought this whale to shame

So he asked the other creatures
if they liked what they were called
an octopus started bitching
while a puffer-fish just balled

the star fish seemed rather happy
but the hammer-heads were pissed
an eel seemed rather confused
and the “Kissing” fish
well – they just kissed

the veil on the whale was lifted
humans made up these silly names
he could be whatever he wanted
he didn’t have to play thier games

he was free to be an octopus
or he could call himself a cat
he could call himself a tuna fish
or an under-water bat

but he decided he was a dog
and swam upon the shore
the humans put him back out to sea
he won’t do that shit no more

but in his mind he was free
to be whatever he wanted to be
and with his newfound freedom
he swam off happily

By Clay B. Talbert ‎Friday, ‎March ‎17, ‎2017