Create Flash Animations

UPDATE: Sept. 12, 2010 (from a post)

Using buttons in flash tutorial. 3 Tut’s in one, Property change, Timeline Navigation and Web Navigation scripting.  CLICK HERE

Update: Sept 7th, 2010

Flash Slideshow Tutorial Basic

Update: Sept. 2nd, 2010

I found this tutorial on basic scripting it’s worth a watch if you’re just starting out

This guy yammers on before the actual tutorial so jump to 9 minutes and 14 friggin’ seconds to skip that shit.  At this point he really starts showing you something you can actually work with.

YA! YA!  Whatever… the tutorial (from that point) IS “worth a watch”.

Check out this video tutorial by USER: Gigafide on Youtube. (also at

His tutorials are great and he will show you how to create flash animations in no time with this software.

The software needed to complete this task is free to download even. I’ve personally had the software on my computer for some time with no issues and the price was perfect!


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