Cuzzo’s Lost Tunes Room

I heard the few songs below while listening to the digital cable music channels. These songs came from the Seventies Channel.
I was a young buck back then but these songs broke through some foggy memories for me. Similar to the way a certain scent of perfume or the smell of something cooking can help you remember a long lost love from that certain moment in time. I love the way music can transport you back to a place and time you may not have otherwise been able to recall.
(below pic makes me think of the song KUNG FU FIGHTING for some reason)

F.W. BEGLEY, Windsor, Ontario Grade 5

F.W. BEGLEY, Windsor, Ontario Grade 5

F.W. Begley School has since been torn down and a shiny new building stands in it’s place. The new building looks institutional but it lacks that traditional “school” look. Now that I think about it the building has a retro 1970’s look to it. Something the dad on the Brady Bunch would design. I’ll try to remember to get a pic and post it. You’ll see what I’m on about.

SONGS FROM THE SEVENTIES  the songs I remember even surprise me at times.  I thought I would post a few


note: the video clips are at times pulled for whatever reason but I’ll try to keep the links current when possible
B.T.O. – You ain’t seen nothin’ yet
JIM CROCE – Bad Bad Leroy Brown
THE BAND – Up on Cripple Creek
JOHN LENON – Mind Games
STAMPEDERS – Sweet City Woman
FIVE MAN ELECTRIC BAND – I’m a stranger here
REDBONE – Come and get your love

from days gone by.

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  1. tracey scott says:

    Wow Cuz you took this one way back didn’t you lmao…is that Dawn in the front row Lmbo again 🙂

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