About Clay

A peek through the looking glass

A peek through the looking glass

I was Born in nineteen sixty-six and raised right here in Windsor, Ontario Canada.  I’ve moved from Windsor a few times but always seemed to find myself back here in the little big city.

Poor old WIndsor has been taking a hit lately with the collapse of the North American Automotive Industry.  The industry has been Windsor’s main source of employment for many years and the city is now going through some tough growing pains.

Personally I’ve worn many hats in my days, most of which have held some interest for me up to a point but I like to try different things from time to time just to keep life interesting.


I’ve done the married life thing but it didn’t take. 

I have no children of my own but I see kids all over the place.

I love animals. That’s why I don’t “own” any.

I have a brother and a sister. A neice, a nephew and more than enough cousins to form a small village.

I used to live the wild life back in the day but things change and a person tends to slow down as they get older.  These days I enjoy chillin’ at home, watching a good movie and picking up a few tricks here and there when it comes to this computer thing.

Feel free to drop a comment or any helpful hints you may have.




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