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Quit quitting



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what is this

Trying new things

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There’s a new station in town

I can’t help myself.
Live, Love, Laugh!

Ain’t it da truth!

What’s up Deer?

Posted: March 6, 2009 in observations
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I was watching television (AGAIN) and there was a story about a deer in an urban environment and it went berserk.  It crashed into a grocery store and a restaurant scaring the living shit out of the patrons and I’m quite sure itself. 

This  happens from time to time (especially in other parts of Canada) and usually the outcome is very bleak for the animal.  For example the deer in this story had to be put down due to it’s injuries.  That’s a shame.  I love animals and hate to hear shit like that however, when I see these kind of stories I always find myself wondering one thing. 

When the deer are out there running free in the wild and they come across a bush or a forest do they make their way through the thicket bouncing off trees and fallen logs and shit? 

Are they only sure footed in open fields or plains (the question mark isn`t working on my keyboard for some reason)  It would go something like this,

They are being chased by a hungry wolf and come across a forest, I wonder if  in their own little deer mind are they thinking, “F–K!  MORE TREES ! !“


Posted: February 27, 2009 in Windsor
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We all know that Windsor’s economy is tied to the automotive sector and how it effects everyting in the area however this latest development is really something.  The spinoff effect has seemed to have hit the local media outlets.  It appears advertising dollars are too low and due to the lack of commercial revenues the only local news broadcast for the city and surrounding area soon will be either American news (Detroit) or CBC /radio.

 MAYBE! (here is a link to an article)

Tuesday, while I was watching CBC Windsor, the anchor reported their local competitor – A Channel – was closing operations (in Windsor) due to lack of local revenue.  Then today I read in the newspaper (online – oops) that CBC (television) operations in Windsor are in jeopardy too! 

AND Windsor may lose a local radio station as well (for non-financial reasons).  Apparently after 25 years of operation the local University broadcast (91.5) CJAM’s  licence is in jeopardy .   It looks like there is a media meltdown in Windsor.  The bell tolls for local media in this city.

I guess the CITY OFFICIALS could always revert to some Old Timie Tricks.  Like only having The Windsor Star (our local newspaper) and then throw in a hundred or so Town Criers who would wander the city streets, doling out the daily news.

HEY,  maybe the Honorable Mayor could work out a two-fer and claim to be hooking the homeless up with a damn job. 

I can picture it now!  Just when you think you’re at the bottom of the barrel, someone would pat you on your weary shoulder and remind you, “FEAR NOT my friend, you can always find work in Windsor HERALDING THE HEADLINES!”