That’s life

Good day sunshine


I woke at 5:00am this morning, put some coffee on and sat in front of my computer not doing much of anything, just sipping coffee and wondering what the hell I’m doing up so early when I don’t have to be.
Eventually I look down at the time on the monitor and have the shock of my life. Even though my coffee is still hot and I feel like only five minutes has passed, somehow I’d ‘zoned out’ and a whole hour went by! W.T.F!
At first I’m thinking silly shit like, “Was I abducted?” I look in the mirror to make sure the left side of my face isn’t all droopy and shit. Only then do I remember the newscaster ‘reminding us’ last night to, ” remember to turn your clocks ahead.”
Ya that worked.
I went around my apartment changing the time on way too many clocks (for my little place) and sit to finish my coffee while laughing at myself.
The day goes on average and unremarkable until…
Exactly one hour ago I turn on the television looking for a movie to watch. I find a movie that looks good  and I check the on-screen guide but I notice something – DAMN – It started an hour ago!  However, the movie coming up next looks like a good one so I figure I’ll check back in an hour and catch it at the beginning.An hour passes and the bell tolls. The movie should begin any time now but when I find the channel again I realize the current movie doesn’t seem to be anywhere near the end.  W.T.F?
I check the guide and notice something strange. YEP – for some reason the television’s time didn’t “spring ahead” but the guide listings did.
Which means I could have watched this fucking movie an hour ago because it had just started then and still has an hour left. Now I have to wait another hour to see the movie I thought I was going watch now.
To quote Deadpool, ” SHIT, FUCK!! ”

Cosplay Cuzzo