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Say No

Posted: March 23, 2017 in art related, politics, rant, USA
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Just say no


The News Today

Posted: January 25, 2017 in News, rant
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While I’m watching the news lately, more and more I see so many reports that piss me off.  It’s not really the situations being reported on that get on my nerves.  It’s what the reporters are saying that gets my ass hairs up.

For example: January 25, 2017 (drinking coffee watching a morning news show)

The coffee kicks in and for some reason I focus on the television.  The reporter is blathering on.

The Oscars are coming up soon I guess and apparently last year there was a movement known as “Oscars So White” because no people of color were nominated the previous year.

However, this year there are seven people or movies with people of color up for contention. Something like that.

Yipee!      Right?

Hold on.

Because  then – in conclusion, the reporter says,

“It would seem now, people of color are feeling a little better about this situation.”

Wait a minute – – –


You – as a reporter – can report that some people of color told YOU they feel good about that shit.  And that’s it!  Report the facts.

But you can’t report that now ALL people of color feel good about the shit.

Lumping everyone into one – fucking – group!  WTF is wrong with you?!!

IT’S 2017(EEEeeeen!)Dammit

That’s where the phrase, “and now back to your regular programming” comes into play.

Trying to tell me (as a person of color) how I should feel about shit.

I’ll be having a conversation with someone tomorrow and they’ll regurgitate that shit back at me.

“well, they said that everyone’s pleased with the Oscars this year?”

Then I say, “when you say everyone, who do you mean?”

Look of horror, “Huh”


I received a call today that got under my skin but I turned it into a little fun.  Lemons intoLemonaide and all that.

In an era of glaring Government inefficiencies and their wasteful ways I leave you with this song I wrote. (wanna hear it?  here it goes)


(ya that works – I tried though)

A little diddy I call HELL NO






Time Twilight Zone

Posted: November 7, 2010 in funnies, rant
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It gets me every time…

You think I’d learn.

This information is worth a watch.

Remember the song, King of the castle?  I hope I’m not around when it all crashes down.  I don’t think it’ll be pretty.

You don’t have to be any great visionary to see we are losing any semblance of privacy, like it or not.

I’m not too concerned for an Orwellian existence in my future.  However, the near future inhabitants of this planet better hope mankind evolves as quickly as the technology.

Although this article comes from the UK, this device is being used in North America on a “trial” basis right now too.  In this particular article it goes on about how the fingerprints of “good” people will be deleted from the system right after determining they are not wanted by the police.

Ya right!


Big Brother Where Art Thou


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Click Here for full article

Police say they need the ability to check identities through fingerprints in order to catch people out on warrants and shit.  My question is, “then why do we have a picture on our drivers licence!   OR  Why do we need them then.”  Fingerprint everybody!!

TODAY – If a police officer pulls someone over and checks their licence they can determine if that person is “wanted” with the procedures and technology they have now?  If the person driving and can’t produce a licence he/she goes off to jail until I.D. is established.  RIGHT?

With the fingerprint technology they will pull you over, you will produce your licence, they fingerprint you and then those two bits of data are grouped together forever.  The police officials SAY they will delete the information but we know better.  Don’t we?

If there is some young future Hitler or Hitleress out there that little kid is probably drooling over how the masses are being grouped, cataloged and labeled.

It’ll make his/her job so much easier.

This is a humorous look at how easy it is for “Them”.


Think about the future people


I knew they did shit like this.  I never would have thought it was this bad though.  Makes one want to question everything they told us.

Check this article out!