Like I always say, “If you can help, why wouldn’t you.”

There are many great resources out there for any questions but the one that really got me advancing with the Blender Environment was YouTube just add the word Tutorial to whatever it is you want to accomplish and chances are someone made a video on how to complete the task.


When it comes to the basics of drawing a realistic face this video will be your salvation.



For Blender users (an open source,  free to download 3D graphics program) check out this list  of YouTube tutorials I’ve compiled.  It is loaded with many good tutorials from various contributors.  It will get you started using Blender much quicker.   I’ve gone through many crappy tutorials to create this list.
Here’s a video on how to wrap your text around a sphere. I’ve used this guy’s technique and his tutorial is solid.

This video will demonstrate how to work with Photo Transitions and 3D text using the IPO editor in Blender 2.46


Dec. 7, 2010

I dug this one out of the Youtube archive (available on my Youtube channel as well).  This is an excellent tutorial on using particle physics in Blender.  If you’re a fan of Blender (2.46) check it out it’s worth a watch

For more tutorials check out this link

EXPLODE MODIFIER TUTORIAL Click the link to view Video Tutorial

NEWBIE CHEAT SHEET – Click the link to view the picture of the Blender screen in two different views.  OBJECT VIEW and EDIT VIEW.

At first glance, the picture may look confusing (due to my trying to jam as much info as possible onto it) but hopefully it gives some insight into the basics about OBJECT MODE vs EDIT MODE and the TRANSITION and ROTATION tools. Keep in mind, the great thing about Blender is there are usually multiples of ways of accomplishing the same result.
For example, When I first started using Blender I wish I knew that you can just use the TRANSITION tool to move your objects around.  As opposed to SELECTING THE OBJECT – IN OBJECT MODE, PRESSing – G (for grab) then X (for the x Axis) Then number 3 ON THE UPPER NUMBERS AND NOT THE KEYPAD!!! (to move 3 units along the Xaxis) -and Blah, Blah, Blah!

You hear what I’m sayin’ !  Hopefully this will save you some time and heart ache.

BELOW – Explaination of the Default screen when first opening Blender. (Click pic to enlarge)

January 21, 2010

I’m just learning about Adobe Flash.  Looks interesting.

Here is a link to a great tutorial on CREATING A SYMBOL IN A SYMBOL and then check out the following video and in that order it should make more sense. ( I watched them out of order during MY original search… You’re welcome.)

Then watch this video and start animating


Since you have a walking character (if you used the above vids) here is an excellent tutorial which demonstrates how to lip-sync your character now too.



UPDATE: December 9, 2010


Fruity Loops

I’ve mentioned this program before in previous posts.  Fruity Loops is one helluva program.  This is a well done tutorial on sample slicing that I would like to keep handy.


Click page to enlarge BACK to return

Click page to enlarge BACK to return

This page should be helpful when messing around with your Myspace profile.  When in the “edit profile” view it can be confusing to know exactly where the content will appear.  I hope this expains if for any and all interested.




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