Movie Scenes

This will be the home for movie scenes I like.  Thought that I would give them their own page so I can stop in from time to time and check em out.  I guess it’s a bonus for you too, if you like them.


This movie was an F’n trip!

It brought me back to my days ( and MY personal recollection ) of what it was like to participate in basic training.

I’m sure it wasn’t as brutal as THIS ( in reality), but it seemed pretty close at the time.

These days it seems we’re ( society is ) all concerned about bullying, right?

So if you’ve seen the video above,  you’ll probably understand what Lawrence is going through when you see this next clip.  It ain’t right!  It’s just what usually happens.


I love accents and this one (Pie Key) is one helluvan accent fer ya byes!  Der ight corsin’!

This was the fight that got them out ta coursin’





I believe this movie is the best “B movie” ever!

I found it (on Youtube) and it seems to be the entire movie.  It’s broken up into several clips but if you are familiar with the movie you can find the scenes you like.


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