Cuzzo’s Laugh Link


You crack me up

You crack me up

I thought that I would create a page where I can upload a wide range of funny stuff. Everyone needs to laugh more so here it is.
It’s quite a mix so I’m sure you’ll find something that tickles your funnybone.

Many of the pictures I’ve come across while surfing online and some I’ve received through emails from friends.
Most of the pictures I’ve done some work on, like the Crack me up picture here to the left and Like the one below, where I’ve aged the photo (it was black & white) and added the bottom text.

And these were the "hotties" in that little town

And these were the

Click page to see full size and then use Back to return

The (Click pic then Back) method above is used throughout the Laugh Link Page. For example Page Two contains a gallery of thumbnail images that you’ll have to click on to view them larger and in some cases you can even zoom in to get a better view of the image. I find using your BACK button you can return to the laugh link page easiest.
However, you can always click the Cuzzo Laugh Link which is always available to the upper right.

Click page numbers below for more funnies.
You’re on page one
Page two – Funny Photo gallery
Page three – Blonde Jokes
Page four – Gay Flight attendant
Page five – Tickle me Elmo Job
Page six – More to come


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  1. Billie says:

    hey love it, I don’t know how you figure out how to do all this shit you need to start making money at it. šŸ™‚ Talk to you soon

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