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I plan to post information concerning a program I`ve started using recently.  Blender (I use 2.46 version) is a 3D animation program complete with a Game Engine and it`s absolutely FREE with no attachments!  There is quite an online presence where you can access tutorial for the program easily enough.  The only requirement is that you devote a lot of time to learning.  Once you begin you quickly realize you are going to have lots of fun with this one.

I thought many other people would love to have and use this software.  The only problem is, this program is a mother to learn.  So I will try my best to direct anyone who wishes to the information they will need to get started, have fun and create away. 


Hopefully if you have used this page you will find the time to share your experiences by commenting.

Click Here to go to and download the latest version of Blender for the appropriate system you are using (Windows or Mac)

The information I will be providing will benefit Windows users.  Sorry Mac friends.


These guys puts out some very good tutorials.  You can learn plenty here

HAMSTERHILL (Youtube contributor)

Super3Boy (Youtube contributor)

Bits of Blender (Youtube contributor)

Blender tutorials (Blender dot Org)

I will be back with more information and even quicker if I get a request for something specific.




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