Blender Notes – Glass Settings

The following image shows the settings I used for rendering a mirror in Blender 2.46. Click on the lower thumbnail images to view larger.

Inner Sphere Mirrored

Append and or Link

There are times when you will make an object in one file and wish you could just copy and paste it into your newest creation.  It’s not as easy as the old Ctrl -C / Ctrl -V move.  However it IS possible.

I’m still using version 2.46 so keep that in mind with these instructions

with your file open go to FILE

Choose APPEND or LINK  (append is an unattached copy of the original changes will not update unless you use LINK)

Locate the Blender file with the object you wish to add and choose the file name

pick the item

Choose Load Library and BOOM you’re done

A copy of the item is now in your new creation too.

If you used APPEND it is independent of the original and changes will NOT alter the original image UNLESS you chose LINK at step one


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