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Say No

Posted: March 23, 2017 in art related, politics, rant, USA
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Just say no



How does the government get away with this shit?

The above article was buried in the news on the same day as the layoffs of the 1200 EI employees!!!!

Our services are going down but our fees are going up?

Typical but…



Posted: July 19, 2009 in observations
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Working as a lowly little peg in the big machine I’m right in the line of fire when it comes to general complaints.  Whenever a customer doesn’t like ANYTHING about their experience guess who gets both barrels.  If you guessed ME and you`re a person in the customer service field you hit that target dead on.
I’m always surprisingly calm while I inform irrate customers that their little tantrum will in NO WAY help with the problem.  I offer sympathy and instructions on how to obtain the phone number for “Head Office” then I wish them well in their endeavor.  Oh I’m sure they`re still frustrated and fuming when they eventually walk away but I always stop their abusive bullshit behavior pretty quickly. People cuss me out so regularily – FOR SHIT I HAVE NO CONTROL OVER – that I’ve realized something.  I’m quite skilled at confict resolution. 
Either that or these people look me in the eyes and think,

This guy ain`t gonna take much more of my shit. 

and give up! Whatever it is, I have a gift.

What people (as a consumer) need to realize is, the days of speaking to the dude who`s actually responsible for anything you don’t like is NEVER available to listen to your complaints anymore.  Business today means we`re really dealing with people living in far off distant lands.  Those are the bastards making all the decisions and you can believe me when I tell you I don’t have their damn number.

I really wish I could be of more assistance but all I can do is pass on my reaction when it comes to this issue.  If I don’t like the way a company treats me as a Customer they’ll soon have to call me a Gonesumer!

gonesumer banner

Jumbo Shrimp moment

Posted: February 13, 2009 in observations
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I’m sure most television news shows are guilty of this one.  If you watch the news you’ve seen the random “viewer participation” polls they do?

The reporter finishes a segment and asks the viewers to “weigh in” on this news story by texting (INSERT TEXTING CODE HERE

for YES – I think A-Rod should be punished for his steriod use


blah, blah, blah  for NO – they should leave him alone


blah blah blah – “I don’t care”  It’s this one here that gets me.

  If you don’t care why would you go through the bullshit you have to go through to answer the poll?  The sad thing is that everytime I take notice of one of these survey’s I’m never disappointed to find that SEVERAL idiots wasted their minutes (digitally and physically) by texting the requested response,  “I DON’T CARE!”

SHEEP?  They need to tell these people they won and give them a nice pretty bell to hang around their necks. 

Am I Right?


Kellogg execs must smoke weed too

Posted: February 11, 2009 in rant
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He smoked a little weed.  BIG DAMN DEAL!

If someone can smoke weed and win all those gold medals perhaps the powers that be might want to re-evaluate this whole issue.

Now Kellogg wants to kick Micheal Phelps to the curb because he was CAUGHT taking a hit from a bong.  He probably ate some of their products right after smoking that shit.  Don’t they realize how many pot-heads consume their products?
They really messed up on this one!  SMOKERS HAVE HAD ALL THEY CAN STAND!
If you would like to join the protest against Kellogg’s products here is the link to their list – o – shit!

There’s other goodies out there.

Now that’s organized

Posted: December 28, 2008 in funnies, rant
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A modern Zombie movie came on earlier tonight and I found myself momentarily caught up in the inevitable action.  I don’t usually watch these kind of movies, not that they scare me, because that would be cool.  I’m sure that’s what the director had in mind when he/she made the flick.  However, I haven’t watched an entire Zombie movie yet.  When I was younger I remember watching parts of zombie movies whenever I needed a good laugh.  So tonight I figured I would give the Zombie  genre another chance.

Why did I even bother.

There was a scene with a woman running for her life.  She wasn’t dashing down the street looking for somewhere to hide.  She was running up a flight of stairs in some one-hundred plus story building, with a bunch of zombies hot on her heels.  She didn’t even book off on the seventy eighth floor in hopes of loosing those determined zombies in the halls.  Nope she continued on (in true Hollywood fashion) right on up to the roof.  I’ll never figure that move out.  I guess it’s one of those dramatic suspense techniques directors learn in film school.

But that wasn’t even what made me change the channel.  My main problem with zombie movies would have to be the following,

 How are these Zombafied bastards so damn organized?  Is there a zombie hotline or some kind of undead dispatcher riding around telling the zombies where the living are hiding out?

Why don’t Zombies eat each other?  Do zombies have ethics or some morbid moral code they refuse to break?


Glass doors???

Glass doors???

Another question is, “Why can’t able bodied people outrun those slow moving M.F’rs?”

Don’t mind me, I’m just ranting.

I know it’s fiction but if you’re going to try to tell me a scary story,  you could at least try to scare me a little. 

Otherwise call the damn thing a comedy.

Solution to Financial Crisis

Posted: December 2, 2008 in rant
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I have a two-pronged approach to Cuzzo’s Solution
IF the Big Three get the bailout money, they need to use it to hire more workers. Not executive types, just regular lunch bucket carrying MF’rs. YA HEAR!! They don’t necessarrily have to hire them to be building cars either, for now. More people working means more people with money to buy cars. And food. And clothes and shit!

The rich people need to stop hoarding and start spending. That alone would solve the friggin’ problem. In my ignorant analysis I recall anytime someone said to me, “the reason rich people are rich is because they’re tight with their money.”
O.K. so by that logic if the rich started spending some more of that cash, the Wall Street types would get excited and the markets would rebound.
But NO!! The greedy bastards are grabbing that cash and shipping it out to some foreign banks before their banks crash. And by doing that, they are the ones causing the crash!
It surely isn’t the people in my social circle who are in control of the financial markets fluctuations.
We keep spending the same amount of cash because we have to, just to survive. So if the money on Wall Street is disappearing it isn’t because of the little guy.
Banks and business’ are getting bailouts meanwhile year after year their workforce is being reduced. So where is the money going?
There isn’t going to be much activity at those ATM machines so it’s a good thing the banks got rid of all those tellers. And Who’s going to buy these new energy efficient cars they come out with in ten to twenty years? Those robots they have doing the jobs.
It’s just crazy.
Today I’m watching the news and there was a report stating they’ve determined the U.S. went into recession in 2007. The reporter poses this question to their “Financial Expert” right after reading the report, “So when can we expect the recession to end?”

I COULDN’T BELIEVE IT!? When is it going to end????
They just figured out that it started damn near two years ago!

And without fail this so-called expert went on to give some rambling round about no-answer BLAH, BLAH, BLAH bullshit anyway.
All I can say is, “Is it just me????!”