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Say No

Posted: March 23, 2017 in art related, politics, rant, USA
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Just say no



Posted: March 12, 2017 in funnies, observations, politics
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what is this


Posted: November 5, 2008 in USA
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Another point in history when I can say, “I was alive when… !”

  It’s an historic time to be alive today.  Barring any Bush election type shit it appears that the next President of the United States of America will be Barack Obama.  There are many Americans alive today that would never thought they would see the day when a black man would become the Commander-In-Chief of thier country.

I really hope this man is as reform minded as he said he is and takes that Government in another direction.  Canadians will surely benefit from a change in American policy.

With that I’ll say CONGRATULATIONS to my American friends and family


Presidential fix is in

Posted: October 26, 2008 in USA
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When you make an error on your computer by default you receive an ERROR message for damn near every action. Why wouldn’t they make these machines that way?

Check these videos and see what I’m on about

the one below shows you another way they put the fix in

McCain in true form

Posted: October 11, 2008 in USA
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This link was sent to me in an email and I checked out the clip.  I suggest any American who may chance upon this site to check out the video at the following link.  I hope you read this post before the election too.

Click Here

Palin in true form

Posted: October 10, 2008 in USA
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This video shows how informed this woman is

McCain and Bush

Posted: October 4, 2008 in rant
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A little diddy I worked up.  Thought I would enter it as a post before adding it to my gallery page.