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Posted: March 12, 2017 in funnies, observations, politics
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what is this


Flat Earthers

Posted: November 10, 2016 in art related, funnies, observations


There are times when only book/tablet learnin’ fails.

The Elves Occupy

Posted: December 4, 2011 in art related, funnies, Music, observations

I had a little creative spurt for Christmas and came up with a little jingle for the holidays from the Elves perspective.


Hey Sorry for the audio.  It happened when the video got compressed for the web.  It sucks but Oh well like the elves, “I ain’t gettin’ paid 2 do this sh##!”

I saw a clip announcing the new season of Two and a half Men.  I was wondering about the show Sans Charlie Sheen.  What would the show be like with Ashton Kutcher in the mix and (BOOM) it hit me.

This is the Ultimate “PUNKED” episode!

The show begins and at some point Charlie Sheen pops in the scene and the cast turns to the camera and tells us all that we’ve all just been PUNKED!

That would be SO cool!


Remember, if it happens, you heard it here first!

I received a call today that got under my skin but I turned it into a little fun.  Lemons intoLemonaide and all that.

In an era of glaring Government inefficiencies and their wasteful ways I leave you with this song I wrote. (wanna hear it?  here it goes)


(ya that works – I tried though)

A little diddy I call HELL NO






This video shows Isaac predicting the home PC and self education, 20 years before it happened.  Quite an interesting vision.

In an effort to do my part,  I’ll be accepting all surplus candy – as usual.

I know…  You’re welcome.