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Posted: July 14, 2017 in art related, funnies, health
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Quit quitting


This is a great talk on how the education system (globally) is designed to systematically strip away a child’s creativity.  I can`t do this presentation any justice trying to explain more than that, you`ll just have to check it out for yourself.  It makes one think!


Along the same topic there seems to be a movie on the horizon that addresses the problems with education in the American public school system.  Here`s a trailer to the movie.


Posted: March 28, 2010 in health
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Don’t drink the water!

At least until you watch this and do a little research in your area.


I’ll be looking for this movie. It’s an award winning documentary by director Josh Fox and it’s making it’s rounds on the independent film circuit. I have yet to see the entire film myself however today I saw an interview with the director on PBS (the program NOW).

After seeing the interview, all I can say is that quote made famous by Grady (a character from the old TV show Sanford and Son) “GOOD GOOBLEDY GOOP!!!”

You won’t believe what these natural gas drilling companies appear to be doing to the American water supply -which eventually will become everyone’s problem.

This show is something else click here to see a link to a trailer for the movie. I’ve included the link here to the PBS (Detroit) page for the show as well.

I always knew that big companies will do almost anything for a buck but they can’t really be as short sighted as this.

Cuzzo on Chemicals

Posted: May 12, 2009 in health

“Smoke cigarettes, eat plenty of well cooked pork and DRINK UP!” I say.
Then when you die from cancer at least you’ll have the satisfaction of being an active participant yourself and not just another duped Dudley Doright.

Windsor Star Article May 12, 2009

Windsor Star Article May 12, 2009

One of my cousins has opened a health and fitness facility in downtown Windsor. Stop in and check it out!

Call today for your appointment with Trainer Terrence Spina

Cuzzo on Hospital stays

Posted: April 30, 2009 in health, rant

Semi-Private Rooms?


Do no harm

Do no harm

The impetus of this rant was a news story I saw today which mentioned auto-workers (Chrysler was mentioned specifically) gave up a health benefit to semi-private rooms during a hospital stay. The person whining during this particular interview wasn’t even a Chrysler employee. It was a hospital administrator! He was Boo-hooing about how much revenues the hospitals will lose on this newest concession. I guess the workers will now have to pay for the luxury of a semi-private room.

Semi-private? All this time I thought those were standard rooms!



I believe there are certain times in life when your financial situation should have no bearing on the treatment you receive as a citizen, of a civilized society. I had no idea my broke ass could end up in some kind of dingy ward if and when I find myself in the hospital for an extended stay.

As I look back on all my trips to hospital, I guess all the people I knew had decent coverage from their respective workplaces. More and more companies offer NO coverage let alone Semi-private hospital room stays.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a ward type room when visiting someone in hospital. Do they keep us poor folk caged in the basement like in the movie Titanic? I picture a dingy dank room with fifteen to twenty low-lying cots and Nurse Ratchet patrolling the halls with a crooked cigarette in her mouth like in the movie One flew over the Coo-coo’s nest. hospital-thumb2

I wonder. Is there a special entrance for the meek?

Will I have to wait longer than six hours in the poor peoples emergency room?

Cuzzo on Smoking

Posted: April 24, 2009 in health


I know smoking is bad for you!  And at some point before they throw dirt on my ass I would like to be able to consider myself quit.  However, until that day comes you non smokers need a reality check.
I’m standing at the old bus stop, waiting to board and notice the driver across the street (at the sub-station) having a smoke.   I figure why not light up while I’m here waiting.  There’s some guy on the sidewalk next to me who lets out a little fake cough as I light my smoke.  Coughing and staring at me he moves further away with a look of absolute disgust on his face.
I get it!

You don’t like my cigarette and believe it is going to somehow have a negative effect on your health.


I’m the Boogyman!!


What this fool didn’t take into account was the fact he moved directly in front of the buses exhaust fan!   The exhaust on your typical bus is friggin’ HUGE!  It’s the size of your average living room window.  The bus is idling, kicking out all kinds of Carbon Monoxide into his curled up little face but I’m the dummy for smoking cigarettes.

Some people are so silly you almost feel sorry for them but then you realize they’re looking down on you.

When I was in my early teens my doctor told me every cigarette I smoked was taking seven years from my life expectancy.


REALLY?!  I’m forty-three years old and have been smoking seriously since I was about nineteen, I guess.

Let’s just say we go with 24 years of smoking a pack-a-day on average (I know! be quiet!! ).   There is no sense breaking out the calculator for this little cypher. Let’s just agree that according to my esteemed physician I was going to be the longest living human being in Fu**ing history!
I guess we all have a claim to fame.

And another thing.

If you are serious about your health, “Quit jogging on Riverside Drive,  Jefferson Blvd, Wyan (Fu**ing) dotte or any other main street in the city.

Why don’t you just put your treadmill in the garage and start up your damn car. At least then you’ll reduce the chance of being hit by a drunk driver.

Needed to be said

Needed to be said