Report looks at perils of youth employment

Posted: December 21, 2016 in mystery posts

In the following article I see the Gov. wants to have companies work with schools to offer training and internships for work related skills for young people.

RED FLAG:  Child Labor Alert!!

In my opinion this sounds a lot like what happened with worker and Temp Agencies.

If you want to find a full time job in Windsor your best bet is a Temp Agency.  We all know what goes on there.  Before you qualify for a full time position you’re shit-canned and they bring in another temp.

That’s what will happen with the students.

The companies will use the students free labor AND the Temp workers with no need to hire any actual employees.


Here’s the article I’m bitching about…

Youth need more in-person contact, less time online to find work: report

Source: Report looks at perils of youth employment


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