A Christmas Confession

Posted: December 4, 2011 in funnies
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A Christmas Confession
Christmas is that time of year when even the most hardened soul succumbs to the spirit of the holidays. Just take a look at Old Ebenezer Scrooge and I’m sure you can find a version of that character right in your own circle of acquaintances.
Well, I AM that guy. And yet I just received a Thank you card (actually an email) praising the deliciousness of my Christmas baked-goods package. It can really make your day when someone appreciates the little things.
However, With the compliment properly enjoyed I found myself slightly confused by the addition of, “We especially enjoyed the pecans in the peanut butter cookies. That was a nice touch!”
You can understand my confusion concerning the compliment much better when you are informed that I have not made anything with Pecans in quite some time. In fact, I can’t recall the last time I’ve even touched a friggin’ pecan!
In a situation such as this one asks one’s self, “Self, what are you going to do?”
And this is the point when – if you are paying attention – you get to witness the duality of your own personality.
Maybe it’s just me.
Anyway – I had the presence of mind to remember the thoughts that immediately ran through my head.
And here they are:
Do I confess the truth.
Do I even know the truth
were they being truthful
perhaps it was another basket and they just got confused
They may have just eaten – which could only be described as – quite a large bug.
But then again, They liked it
who am I to relieve them of that enjoyable experience
I think everyone would be much happier if I just kept quiet
What kind of BUG could that have been anyway
I’ve never seen a Pecan sized bug up in this Ma*%$3er before!

Screw it.
Merry Christmas
Enjoy your Baked-goods!


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