Posted: October 18, 2010 in News, ToldYa
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Courtesy of the Today Show homepage

I wonder if the kid mulled it over before he turned his parents in!

According to the article, the police didn’t take the folks down to the police station.  The officers just gave the parents a summons to appear in court.

However, Child Services took the children from the home and the kids are living with other relatives (who probably had to get rid of shit, before their nephew turned them in too).

  1. Thomas Treacy says:

    Wow, if that were my kid I’d be royally pissed. He should’ve at least called Crime Stoppers and got some money.

  2. tracey scott says:

    “That is a damn shame …..wtf ain’t that some shit.

    • cuzzoclay says:

      You know what I’m sayin’!
      This world is crazy enough to try and get through, without having to worry about turncoat kids in your midsts. LOL
      What if that shit was from back in the day and the parents just forgot about it.

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