Education vs Creativity

Posted: September 16, 2010 in health, observations, ToldYa
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This is a great talk on how the education system (globally) is designed to systematically strip away a child’s creativity.  I can`t do this presentation any justice trying to explain more than that, you`ll just have to check it out for yourself.  It makes one think!


Along the same topic there seems to be a movie on the horizon that addresses the problems with education in the American public school system.  Here`s a trailer to the movie.

  1. CTsr says:

    Very interesting Bryan.
    I saw this episode on the TV series and at the time I was involved in a discussion with a hard-headed autocratic snob who believed that all people of colour were inept imbeciles, who should be kept at bay in some form of confinement! Syncronicity!! Perhaps!!!

    Have a great day!!!!!

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