Apology to my English Teacher

Posted: March 6, 2010 in mystery posts
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This one is way over due.

I recall failing grade 12 English (a mandatory course) which prevented me from receiving a diploma back then.  I had to get my equivallancy later in life at the local Community College.



  Today for whatever reason I remembered the moment when everyone got their diploma and because of failing that class I was left out.  Mind you, I did surpass the requisite number of credits to graduate but that ONE mandatory course held me back from getting my diploma with the rest of my class and it always pissed me off! 

Even though I speak, read and understand only English, even today I have to admit I am completely ignorant when it comes to Grammatical Correctness (which I`m sure you`ve noticed). I have no damn idea if these sentences are making any sense to anyone but me. I just think of words and type them.

That’s it!

I don’t dwell on little things like, “Is this word suppose to go BEFORE that word?” The thought flits quickly through my mind, The song conjunction junction playing in my head (just the music though) but I don’t dwell on these issues.

Until today that is.

I always believed failing English was due to the fact that my teacher and I never got along. Well, since I’m being honest here, I thought she was a bitch! As I get older and hopefully wiser, I find I’m willing to more easily admit to my many faults and this is one of those moments when I have to acknowledge I was directing my anger toward the wrong person.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying this woman WASN’T a bitch. I’m just saying that I understand why she failed my ass.

If by any chance you haven’t noticed already, I have no concept of proper comma placement, sentence structure, or even when to create a new paragraph! And I know another thing. There are many more grammatical rules that my ignorant ass failed to learn.

To this very day if you use the term “Dangling participle” around me, the first thing that pops into my head is something juvenile.

So (with all that said) my Grade 12 English teacher should consider this an apology and I also retract all my past anger and resentment I held against her (she wasn’t aware of it anyway).

So if it hurts to read my shit keep the above admission/apology in mind and we’ll be cool.

All I can say for now is, “I’m always learning.”

(Her name has been withheld but she knows who she is and if she ever found this I know she would have plenty to say)



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