Blender Tutorial- Text around a sphere

Posted: January 14, 2010 in Blender Tutorials
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Here is a video I made using a program called BLENDER.  It is a FREE 3D graphics program that I can’t get enough of.  Lots to learn but man – the stuff you can do.

I have a Youtube version (from another contributor) of the following text instructions on how to wrap your text around a sphere.  I watched the video but was having a helluva time getting it to work until I found the trick is all in the AXIS orientation.


  • USE TOP VIEW #1 key on the number keypad IMPORTANT for this tutorial. The AXIS orientation is THE KEY TO everything working properly here. TRUST ME
  • CREATE UV SPHERE (space bar > mesh > UV Sphere) DEFAULTS ARE FINE
  • CREATE TEXT (space bar)
  • DRAG TEXT (Z axis) TO TOP OF SPHERE –IMPORTANT- THIS IS THE POINT WHEN EVERYTHING CAN GO TO HELL. Be sure to follow the axis information otherwise the warp will not work correctly. You can split the window and use one view set to view Top view and the other in Front View.
  • TEXT SELECTED use CENTRE CURSOR button (in the Curve and Surface Menu)
  • TAB into edit mode and change the text to read what you wish
  • TAB to object mode
  • Extrude and Bevel Text to your specs. Change Font etc…
  • CONVERT TEXT TO MESH (ALT C) TAB INTO EDIT MODE notice the text has vertices now. Depending on your computer’s memory capacity you may want to subdivide the text at this point (W key > subdivide) gives the text more flexibility to bend and warp.
  • CONTROL POINT AND CURSOR >Be sure the Control point is centred on the text. Mine shifted after the conversion to Mesh process so I clicked Centre New (in Object Mode) and it fixed the deviation. be sure the cursor is centred to the sphere.
  • In FRONT VIEW then place your mouse by the cross hairs and press SHIFT W AND DRAG YOUR MOUSE ALONG THE Z axis. NOTE: Dragging the mouse in one direction will invert the text around the spere (inside out) If this happens just do a CNTL Z (Undo) and then drag the mouse in the opposite direction next time.
  • To rotate text around sphere be sure the CURSOR is centred to the sphere then select the text in OBJECT MODE then press CENTRE CURSOR the control point should now be on the centre of the sphere and if you choose the rotate tool you should see the text rotating perfectly around the Sphere.


Remember there is also a video tutorial for this in the TUTORIAL section of this site.  Check the tabs at the top.

Happy creating!



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