Posted: July 19, 2009 in observations
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Working as a lowly little peg in the big machine I’m right in the line of fire when it comes to general complaints.  Whenever a customer doesn’t like ANYTHING about their experience guess who gets both barrels.  If you guessed ME and you`re a person in the customer service field you hit that target dead on.
I’m always surprisingly calm while I inform irrate customers that their little tantrum will in NO WAY help with the problem.  I offer sympathy and instructions on how to obtain the phone number for “Head Office” then I wish them well in their endeavor.  Oh I’m sure they`re still frustrated and fuming when they eventually walk away but I always stop their abusive bullshit behavior pretty quickly. People cuss me out so regularily – FOR SHIT I HAVE NO CONTROL OVER – that I’ve realized something.  I’m quite skilled at confict resolution. 
Either that or these people look me in the eyes and think,

This guy ain`t gonna take much more of my shit. 

and give up! Whatever it is, I have a gift.

What people (as a consumer) need to realize is, the days of speaking to the dude who`s actually responsible for anything you don’t like is NEVER available to listen to your complaints anymore.  Business today means we`re really dealing with people living in far off distant lands.  Those are the bastards making all the decisions and you can believe me when I tell you I don’t have their damn number.

I really wish I could be of more assistance but all I can do is pass on my reaction when it comes to this issue.  If I don’t like the way a company treats me as a Customer they’ll soon have to call me a Gonesumer!

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