Cuzzo on Hospital stays

Posted: April 30, 2009 in health, rant

Semi-Private Rooms?


Do no harm

Do no harm

The impetus of this rant was a news story I saw today which mentioned auto-workers (Chrysler was mentioned specifically) gave up a health benefit to semi-private rooms during a hospital stay. The person whining during this particular interview wasn’t even a Chrysler employee. It was a hospital administrator! He was Boo-hooing about how much revenues the hospitals will lose on this newest concession. I guess the workers will now have to pay for the luxury of a semi-private room.

Semi-private? All this time I thought those were standard rooms!



I believe there are certain times in life when your financial situation should have no bearing on the treatment you receive as a citizen, of a civilized society. I had no idea my broke ass could end up in some kind of dingy ward if and when I find myself in the hospital for an extended stay.

As I look back on all my trips to hospital, I guess all the people I knew had decent coverage from their respective workplaces. More and more companies offer NO coverage let alone Semi-private hospital room stays.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a ward type room when visiting someone in hospital. Do they keep us poor folk caged in the basement like in the movie Titanic? I picture a dingy dank room with fifteen to twenty low-lying cots and Nurse Ratchet patrolling the halls with a crooked cigarette in her mouth like in the movie One flew over the Coo-coo’s nest. hospital-thumb2

I wonder. Is there a special entrance for the meek?

Will I have to wait longer than six hours in the poor peoples emergency room?


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