Recession Remedies

Posted: March 9, 2009 in rant
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CAW announced General Motors members have taken a hit to their bottom line once again, in a bid to help the company. 

The little guy is always expected to take a hit for the team.  The people who actually construct the physical product are always the same people expected to make the least amount and then when the company is struggling, they are the first to get cut.  You never hear too much about the mid-executive levels though.  The Engineers and Bean Counters of the corporation are layin’ low trying not to be seen by the general public.  Meanwhile the CEO’s and the line workers are on the public chopping block.  It’s like the old witch trials with the masses screaming “Burn them!”

The company has entire buildings scattered all over the globe and they`re filled with people in suits making large sums of money who have never seen the production line.  Anytime I’m down by the river I still see the gigantic GM logo strapped to the top of the former Renaissance Centre.  I’m not sure how many floors of that building are dedicated to the suits of GM but I know the final hold-outs are sitting up there looking out across the Old Motor City and then over here to Windsor (at what used to be the Automotive Capital of Canada) wondering what the hell happened and when will the bell finally toll for them.

Even the CAW  (Canadian AUTO Workers Union) is slowly creeping out of the Auto Industry.  I know that because here in Windsor they represent the Casino Workers and I`m sure they have their hot little hands in many other industries other than the Auto.  I say we should all have the right to ride horses on the street if we want.  Now that`s going green or eco-friendly or whatever you want to call it.

With that said

A couple of tips for the financially strapped.

Remeber Hamburger Helper doesn`t actually require Hamburger.


Never buy No Name toilet paper!


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