Perfect Vacation

Posted: February 25, 2009 in mystery posts
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Historically whenever the car companies were on the downslide all of the citizens of Windsor went along for the ride.  At least now we have a major Casino as a little back-up during the bad times but more is needed. I live in Windsor, Ontario and this city has a history of being dependant on the automotive sector.

I believe the city should go the route of Las Vegas and make entertainment and tourism our forte. We already have the previously mentioned Casino.   Windsor is already known far and wide for it’s neverending supply of adult entertainment, so we’ve got that angle covered. All we need now is some family-friendly oriented business’.

A while back I had one of those brainstorm moments and thought it be cool to create the vacation experience right here in Windsor/Essex County.  Design and build a gigantic structure with an artificial environment that would give visitors the experience of resort travel right here in Canada.  At the time (of course) I thought I had a novel idea and it had never been done outside of some theme park,  but it’s a big world out there and I found one in Germany called Tropical Island just outside of Berlin.  It was built in an old Blimp hangar.

Check this out (when you go to the site look for the “virtual tour” on the right)

TROPICAL ISLAND IN BERLIN  If this was in Windsor (especially during winter) the city would look like a ghost town because whoever wasn’t employed there would most definately be ON THE BEACH!!

Absolutely Ginormous

Absolutely Ginormous


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