Jumbo Shrimp moment

Posted: February 13, 2009 in observations
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I’m sure most television news shows are guilty of this one.  If you watch the news you’ve seen the random “viewer participation” polls they do?

The reporter finishes a segment and asks the viewers to “weigh in” on this news story by texting (INSERT TEXTING CODE HERE

for YES – I think A-Rod should be punished for his steriod use


blah, blah, blah  for NO – they should leave him alone


blah blah blah – “I don’t care”  It’s this one here that gets me.

  If you don’t care why would you go through the bullshit you have to go through to answer the poll?  The sad thing is that everytime I take notice of one of these survey’s I’m never disappointed to find that SEVERAL idiots wasted their minutes (digitally and physically) by texting the requested response,  “I DON’T CARE!”

SHEEP?  They need to tell these people they won and give them a nice pretty bell to hang around their necks. 

Am I Right?


  1. monte says:

    Too much Cuzzo! I hear ya though man. How true it is. C,mon!! F,ing hilarious dude!

  2. Chris says:

    I actually got sucked in to winning a supposed free Dell computer by answering text messages about bullshit 3 times a week @ $2.00 a pop unbenoticed to me, untill I got my phone bill. It’s called 3rd party billing & in my case it continued regardless if you answer the question or not. In order to stop it you have text them with the message STOP ALL ( the No#). Learned my lesson.

  3. cuzzoclay says:

    Sorry to hear about that one there Chris. Criminals they are I tell ya. I’m sure you have learned your lesson.
    Thanx for the comment

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