I had a dream

Posted: February 8, 2009 in funnies

I hope there’s no infringement issues with the title but I believe Dr. King’s title was “I have a dream” but if I’m wrong someone let me know.

But seriously.  I had a dream last night which I thought was amusing enough to share with you.  It’s amazing how clearly I recalled this dream after I woke. Check this out!

It was Christmas and I was married.  AGAIN!  To some unknown woman in a nice neighborhood that reminds me of the old Walkerville area.  I’m only going by the way this dream turns out but unless she had an unusual sense of humor, I can only assume she was soon to be added to the “Ex” category of women in my life.

I recall talking to a neighbor and asking if he would allow me to tie a giant red bow around his beautiful car and added one more request, that he park the vehicle in my driveway later that night.  I told him if he wanted the laugh of his life he should try to be outside around 8:00am with his video camera rolling.


I don’t know how it turned out but I’m sure it wasn’t good.

One of those moments when I was glad to be waking up alone though.


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