Cuzzo Creation’s Comedy & Tragedy

Posted: January 25, 2009 in art related

I used the scupting feature in Blender (2.46 program) to create the above character.

I rendered the animation and then added the credits using Windows Movie Maker.  This entire process was completed using programs that you either have now or can download from the internet FOR FREE.

Movie Maker is probably on your system now but I’m sure you would have to download the Blender program.  I have been using the program for some time with no problems and like I said this program is FREE.  It is also very hard to learn but worth it once you get the hang of things.  I continually find new toys and tricks with this program and see the potential for character creation.  If you’re a creative soul you may want to take the time and learn this bad boy.

Go to Blender’s homepage to download the program.

Happy Creating!


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