Now that’s organized

Posted: December 28, 2008 in funnies, rant
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A modern Zombie movie came on earlier tonight and I found myself momentarily caught up in the inevitable action.  I don’t usually watch these kind of movies, not that they scare me, because that would be cool.  I’m sure that’s what the director had in mind when he/she made the flick.  However, I haven’t watched an entire Zombie movie yet.  When I was younger I remember watching parts of zombie movies whenever I needed a good laugh.  So tonight I figured I would give the Zombie  genre another chance.

Why did I even bother.

There was a scene with a woman running for her life.  She wasn’t dashing down the street looking for somewhere to hide.  She was running up a flight of stairs in some one-hundred plus story building, with a bunch of zombies hot on her heels.  She didn’t even book off on the seventy eighth floor in hopes of loosing those determined zombies in the halls.  Nope she continued on (in true Hollywood fashion) right on up to the roof.  I’ll never figure that move out.  I guess it’s one of those dramatic suspense techniques directors learn in film school.

But that wasn’t even what made me change the channel.  My main problem with zombie movies would have to be the following,

 How are these Zombafied bastards so damn organized?  Is there a zombie hotline or some kind of undead dispatcher riding around telling the zombies where the living are hiding out?

Why don’t Zombies eat each other?  Do zombies have ethics or some morbid moral code they refuse to break?


Glass doors???

Glass doors???

Another question is, “Why can’t able bodied people outrun those slow moving M.F’rs?”

Don’t mind me, I’m just ranting.

I know it’s fiction but if you’re going to try to tell me a scary story,  you could at least try to scare me a little. 

Otherwise call the damn thing a comedy.


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