The Big Shit and the Bailout

Posted: December 24, 2008 in funnies
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by Cuzzo


Not so long ago in a city not too far away there was a city in deep shit.

Fortunately a business man showed up claiming he had a plan for all their shit!

He told the citizens that he would buy shit for $20 a pound and the citizens went to work gathering up all that shit.


The man filled his silos with thousands of pounds of shit and things were looking good for the citizens. The only problem they had was shit was gettin’ hard to find.

So the man said he would now buy all their shit for $50 bucks and the frenzy ensued.


Some time later the business man told the citizens that he had to go off to Wall Street and put all that shit on the market but he would leave his trusted assistant behind to continue buying their shit at the premium price of $100 per pound!!


They couldn’t believe that shit!!
As soon as the business man left for the big city the “trusted” assistant held a meeting with the citizens and told them he would siphon the shit out of the silos and sell it back to them for $75/lb and when the businessman returned they could make $25/lb for shit they didn’t even have to work for!

They really liked that shit and combined all their savings to give to the assistant. He took their money, gave them their shit and quickly left town.


Payday came and went without the businessman’s return and it didn’t take long for the citizens to realize they were in deep shit.


Moral: Unless you’re a fly herder, don’t believe shit a so-called businessman tells you!

( This is my take on an email joke I received but that one used villagers and monkey’s)


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