General Observation

Posted: December 21, 2008 in observations
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 General Observation


Forrest Gump


Everything that happened in that story started with some bad shit happening to old Forrest and he managed to make lemon-aide out of all those lemons. Think about it…


  • He had braces on his legs and he Met Jenny the eventual mother of his child

  • Tough guys were jealous of Forrest so they chased his ass so he gets to go to College!

  • At his graduation he met a recruiter and joined the army and Met Bubba (his best good friend)

  • Went to Vietnam and Met Lt. Dan who’s life he save and then went on to receive the medal of honor

  • Struck a business venture with Bubba who dies but he keeps his promise and becomes stinkin’ rich.

  • Just missed his bus so he has to sit there long enough to tell us the whole damn story and then an old girl shows up and tells him he’s only a few blocks away from where he wants to go!!


I wish I had his box of chocolates!

  1. Carolyn says:

    Never thought of it that way – you have opened my mind yet again with the obvious. Many lessons in that movie – main one to be happy with what we have cause it could always be worse…
    love carolyn

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