Solution to Financial Crisis

Posted: December 2, 2008 in rant
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I have a two-pronged approach to Cuzzo’s Solution
IF the Big Three get the bailout money, they need to use it to hire more workers. Not executive types, just regular lunch bucket carrying MF’rs. YA HEAR!! They don’t necessarrily have to hire them to be building cars either, for now. More people working means more people with money to buy cars. And food. And clothes and shit!

The rich people need to stop hoarding and start spending. That alone would solve the friggin’ problem. In my ignorant analysis I recall anytime someone said to me, “the reason rich people are rich is because they’re tight with their money.”
O.K. so by that logic if the rich started spending some more of that cash, the Wall Street types would get excited and the markets would rebound.
But NO!! The greedy bastards are grabbing that cash and shipping it out to some foreign banks before their banks crash. And by doing that, they are the ones causing the crash!
It surely isn’t the people in my social circle who are in control of the financial markets fluctuations.
We keep spending the same amount of cash because we have to, just to survive. So if the money on Wall Street is disappearing it isn’t because of the little guy.
Banks and business’ are getting bailouts meanwhile year after year their workforce is being reduced. So where is the money going?
There isn’t going to be much activity at those ATM machines so it’s a good thing the banks got rid of all those tellers. And Who’s going to buy these new energy efficient cars they come out with in ten to twenty years? Those robots they have doing the jobs.
It’s just crazy.
Today I’m watching the news and there was a report stating they’ve determined the U.S. went into recession in 2007. The reporter poses this question to their “Financial Expert” right after reading the report, “So when can we expect the recession to end?”

I COULDN’T BELIEVE IT!? When is it going to end????
They just figured out that it started damn near two years ago!

And without fail this so-called expert went on to give some rambling round about no-answer BLAH, BLAH, BLAH bullshit anyway.
All I can say is, “Is it just me????!”

  1. Frank says:

    I think that one of the factors that will contribute to repair our economy is to give a tax exemption up to 5-7K on real state tax on the first property. This will benefit those people who cannot afford a house due to this tax burden, but also the retired people that after leaving their guts paying taxes all there life, they have to keep on working to comply with real state tax. How the tax dollar void may be filled? Increase taxes on cigarettes, alcohol and gambling. By this, a large population sector will be able to own a house, energizing this trillion dollars industry. In my case, I own a house and I have been thinking to make additions, however when I sit down and calculate the tax burden, the numbers scares the bejesus out of me. Real state tax breaks are the key to restart the economy engine.

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