Men the Endangered Species

Posted: November 6, 2008 in health
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Check out the documentary called the Disappearing Male (click link)

I saw this documentary on CBC tonight and it just confirms many of the assumptions I have about this crazy ass world we live in.

Apparently the chemical world we live in is killing the potential male offspring before they can ever leave the womb!  This is happening in alarming numbers, in communities, all over the world.  Since the nineteen seventies estimates are suggesting that there have been significantly fewer male babies born, all due to the chemicals the mothers are using.

(Bisphenal A and Phalites) I`m not sure of the spelling on those chemicals but the companies say the chemicals are not bad for us but independant studies show they have an effect on humans on a cellular level.  And I`m not talking about your phone!!

I know that I’ll never use hand cream again.  SO if I look a little ashy the next time you see me you know what`s up!

AND more products are sure to follow after this episode. 

The Disappearing Male at

The documentary goes on to say that right in my backyard (Sarnia, Ontario) there is a dramatic drop in male births due to the chemical companies that are the centre of the communties industry.  All for the love of money

Gotta go, lots of research to do.

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