Is finance a science?

Posted: October 15, 2008 in rant, USA
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no where else to go

no where else to go

I pose the question, “Is finance a science?” Because whenever I hear “experts” talk about the financial crisis they (different EXPERTS) seem to have different opinions on the problem and it’s solution.
Why isn’t finance more like the mathematical system it is based upon?

Why go to school for all those years if all you need to learn is how to bullshit people into thinking that you know what you’re talking about.  Most people learn that shit by the time they finish high school.  I listen to these fools contradict each other and argue about GDP this and JOB LOSSES that but they can’t pin point shit!

 Government Officials just recently started to admit that most of the problem was caused by the dudes high up on the food chain taking all of the food and only leaving some crumbs for the rest of us.  Their solution to the problem is,  we have to take those few crumbs and any little extras we may have squirrled away and give it back to the Gov. to pay for what these bastards stole!!

Are those executives selling their cars and houses and shit? “Donating” any of that contract settlement money they received.  They get paid millions for leaving a company in bankruptcy?  REALLY??

Nothing will ever happen to those thieves!

Maybe some Americans can sleep at night safe in the knowledge that at least they put O.J. away.


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