Twisted Brush Makes me sad

Posted: October 13, 2008 in rant
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As you may have read in some of my earlier posts I used to do a lot of my graphic touch up work in a program called Twisted Brush. Sure it was the free version but I knew that when I had the cash I would upgrade to the full version. The free 2.0 version of the program Pixara offered was the bomb!!
You could import pics/mask the image/all kinds of brushes to work with and filters up the wazoo were available and now NOTHING!

Allow me to apologize to any people who may have downloaded Twisted Brush due to my earlier blogs. I had no idea how crappy this new free version is. I had no idea because I got a new computer recently and had to download the NEW free version and YUK! Now I’m sure the package you pay for is probably decent enough, but (in my opinion) they should have left the earlier 2.0 version as the free package just to keep potential customers happy.

I may still purchase the Twisted Brush Full Version someday but it sure won’t be based on this (Free 14.something) version they offer because it sucks.

Sorry about the negative post Ken but it had to be said.


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