Pope pimps Cuzzo’s Lifestyle

Posted: October 6, 2008 in mystery posts
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Check it out!

Check it out!

I’m not looking to be converted but it’s good to know the Pope has my back!
CLICK article to view LARGER and use BACK to return

ADDED NOTE (the next day)
As I logged on and this article popped up, I tried to view it the way a visitor to the site may see it. I think I should mention that you may have to click the image again once it opens in the other window (zoom to 100 percent).

Now, when I zoomed into the Pope’s picture I couldn’t help but think, “The Hypocrazzzy”His Holiness is wearing enough bling in that picture to make Mr. T wanna rob his ass for the gold. An average person could probably live quite comfortably – for some time – with just the proceeds from the hat!

I knew this financial mess was coming back when Micheal Jackson started crying broke and the next thing you know the CHURCH came out (Ah…) and cried broke too (what a coincidence). Anyway, If these two entities can’t hold on to their money what chance in Hell do we have?

I mean, the church has been hittin’ people up for cash -TAX FREE CASH – for TWO THOUSAND YEARS!!And they’re selling property and shit because of hard times.

All I can say is, “If a life of materialism is your thang get ready for a rough ride. That is unless you can find a couple of hats like his in your crib.”


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