Tent cities – a new way of life

Posted: October 4, 2008 in rant
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Imagine a day when things are good.  The car is in the driveway with a full tank of gas, ready for the long journey to the workplace.  You send the kids off to school with a big healthy breakfast in their stomach and all is right with the world.  Notice I started by saying “imagine” because those days are slowly disappearing, becoming a parable for some children’s story.

I’m in my forties and recall my father giving me the whole, “we had to WALK to school!



I never got ride to school from my father (Homie didn’t play that) but at least he hooked us up with bus fare.  Other kids had to walk so I felt spoiled considering his childhood dilemma.  

When I became an “adult” and most of my acquaintances were cranking out kids I had to re-evaluate my definition of SPOILED.  I would grumble (like some old dude) about how kids (these days) have it made!

That is until I Googled “US TENT CITIES” and couldn’t believe the number of articles there are from a whole gaggle of reputable media outlets from around the world.  Funny I haven’t seen very much about this on the mainstream media though.

Check out this link http://globaleconomicanalysis.blogspot.com/2008/06/tent-city-usa.html

I can’t imagine losing everything, being forced to live in a vacant lot IN A TENT and still get evicted!!


I guess I never gave much thought to the saying “Land of the free…” but I guess the people are free but the land is gonna cost ya!

The kids I thought were too spoiled are going to be growing up in an entire new world and now I feel sorry for their future.  Talk about re-evaluating a past position!

If you’re interested I’ve added a link to a little diddy on my poetry website that I did (adult language content)  a while back,  but it’s definitely relevant.

  1. monte says:

    Alright now Cuzzo! At it again I see, and once again doing a bang up job. I have to say thanx again for the website man, people we were out with this past weekend were RAVING about it and it was soooooo cool!! Keep up the great work man, always good for a laugh, oh yeah!, and a little EDUCATION! to. From your main dude. Love ya man! Peace.

  2. Clayton says:

    Great Website!!!

    Lot of junk in its trunk though!!!!!

    Anyone in a hurry need not apply, ROTFLMBAO!!!!!!! CTsr

  3. ELISE says:

    Ironic how this tent city was in Ontario, California. Like they say, there but for the grace of God go I…Hope all is well with you B, I am busy as usual. I’m working both jobs tomorrow and through to Sunday at the store. I can’t believe the holiday season is beginning, it’s Thanksgiving this weekend! Any Turkey Day comments?…

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