Financial Crisis question

Posted: October 2, 2008 in mystery posts, rant
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Just a thought

Just a thought

I was in a discussion recently and eventually the talk got around to the financial crisis and who or what is responsible. I posed a question and nobody I was with could recall anything that could answer it for me. There was actually a brief stall to the conversation when I posed my conundrum.

I asked, “Why was there never any mention (that I’ve heard so far) of the effect the Twin Tower Tragedy had on the world financial markets?”
I can’t stop thinking the tragedy took the lives of some of the top financial wizards in the world. It must have had a major effect on this mess we’re in. People where probably thrown into positions they were incapable of doing. Not to mention the unscrupulous people who were suddenly given a position they may have never been able to achieve otherwise.

One would think with all of this talk about the mortgage mess and bank closures that some of these experts on the news would have brought this point up by now.

Wouldn’t one?


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