Cuzzo’s Government Waste return Policy

Posted: September 14, 2008 in rant
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I was watching CBC (the National) tonight and there was a segment on a possible tax on product packaging.  We would pay an extra quarter for a Timmy’s in a cup but there would be no charge if you bring in your own refillable mug.  So I’ve got to walk around town carrying a friggin’ mug in the off chance I decide to stop for a coffee or pay a quarter more?

Is it just me????

They want to hit you up for plastic bags, Empty appliance packaging and the works!  Apparently this segment was in relation to Toronto’s garbage problem but the buzz is getting started.  It’ll be in a town near you in no time.

I say that instead of penalizing the populace you encourage them. 

Why not have a system something like this: when a citizen brings one hundred kilo’s of thier garbage to the local dump (recorded over a few visits perhaps) they would recieve an undetermined energy credit, which could be used for any utility payment of their choice.  They could apply the credit to gas, hydro or electric and the government would credit the bill of their choice.

I’m sure there would still be a need for waste collection but the burden would slowly decline as people realize the benefit of bringing in their own trash.

Then after some time you can stick it to all the hardliners.  You can say, “O.K. if we pick up trash at your house, expect a bill.  Otherwise get on board and start bringing in your garbage yourself!”

Sounds too simple.  The Government will never go for it.

Just a thought though



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