What’s up Doc?

Posted: August 29, 2008 in rant
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Proctrastination bites me in the ass again.

More advice from Cuzzo,

I’ve had some pains here and there in the past few weeks so I figured I should get a physical. I called the doctor’s office this morning to make an appointment and found out, “He’s not taking any new patients.” New patients?
I explained (to the new receptionist) that he’s been my family doctor my entire life!
The receptionist told me that I haven’t been there recently and that the doctor isn’t going that far back on his patient list.
WHAT! I can’t believe that I’m being penalized for being healthy!
I know there is a doctor shortage in this area so why would I tax the system by going to the doctor for nothing. My thinking is, If I’m not sick, I don’t go to the doctor. There I go thinking again.

Once again, I get reintroduced to an interesting life lesson, “Just when you think times are tough you always find out they can get tougher.”
I used to wait hours to see my family doctor, WITH AN APPOINTMENT! Now I guess I’m stuck with going to the local clinic.
Yee Haa!!


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