Those People

Posted: August 13, 2008 in rant
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I think of how many times I’ve found myself on the recieving end of that phrase. 

“Those people just need to… .”  Insert some ridiculous ill-informed solution to a problem they have never had to deal with.  The one I hear most is when some person around me points out some down and out individual.  For example, a homeless man on the street and someone in the group just has to say something like, “They should make those people get a job!”

On the surface the solution sounds viable.  If you’re two years old!  Give me a friggin’ break.  Who’s going to hire the guy?  He needs more than a bath and a shave and the Government isn’t going to cough up the cash.  You can have all your faculties these days and still find yourself at your local food bank!  Ask Ed McMahon what’s up in the world of financial security. Nothing is guaranteed.

I’m not sure what the job market is like in your neck of the woods, but here in little Windsor, Ontario the job market has taken a drastic turn.  Due to the changes in our local industry your average weekly take home pay has dropped significantly across the board. 

People who were used to taking home twenty plus dollars per hour for a forty plus hour per week job, are now doing part-time minimum wage jobs.  If they have a job at all!  There’s a mad exodus out of the city for many people with mouths to feed.

I recently bumped into a guy who used to say the old, “Those people” type shit and now HE’S one of those people and he had the nerve to try and cry on my shoulder.  I’m not too forgiving when it comes to shit like that so I think I may be guilty of “kicking a man when he’s down!”

and the cliche’s abound.


You’re grown up.

You know what it is.


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