Creating my Headline

Posted: August 12, 2008 in art related
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I hope you were not linked to this site for the past couple of days. Periodically I was trying to come up with a decent looking Headline for the site. I’m still not pleased with what I finally came up with at this point but at least I’ve found the proper dimensions and a technique for creating a banner/headline or whatever you want to call it.

I used a program called Drawplus 4.0 which I downloaded from the Serif site. I will give this program a great endorsement for it’s ease of use and endless possibilities. You can even create little animated gifs for your site. I get nothing for promoting this software so you can feel safe in checking it out. Trust me, if you enjoy messing around with good graphics software this is the one. And it’s absolutely FREE!

If you’re intersested you can check out their site at


Now for Creating the Headline

  • Using the DrawPlus program I set a custom page size of 760 x 200 pixels

NOTE:  your dimensions may not be set for pixels.  If that is the case open a blank file and then go to your “Options” setting and then to “Layout” and set your dimensions to PIXELS.

  • Create your headline.  There are lots of tools to use/fonts/transparency/gradients/animations/ it goes on and on.  The more you use this program the more you want to use it.  Trust me.
  • When you’re done use the “save as” option (under file) to save your work in the DrawPlus format (this is a good idea so you can use it as a future template)
  • However, to use it on WordPress you must “export” the file as either a giff or jpeg format.
  • look under the “FILE” menu look for “EXPORT”  giff formate can be a little tricky but jpeg format works good ( and it’s easier).  If you really want to try using the giff format I’ve found that the following settings seem to work good.  These settings even work good for the animated giffs.

NOTE: If you use an animated giff you will have to use the “export animation” option.

(otherwise the picture will be static)


I use the following options when exporting as a giff

you can check off these settings




when I’ve used these settings the picture seems to display properly when uploaded to the web.

This is the headline (reduced in size) that this article refers to

That’s the fun.  Try it out and let me know if you find a better way.

I hope this information is helpful.  That’s my intent because personally, I was getting real frustrated trying to get something that worked.




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