Artist Monte Scott in the house

Posted: August 7, 2008 in art related
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Solid steel sword stand

Solid steel sword stand

This sword stand was created by local artist (My Cousin!) Monte Scott.

Monte is another product of Windsor, Ontario being born and raised here.  He is a loving father and a hard working husband who just happens to be one of the best artists of his time.

You can view some more of Monte’s artwork in the near future at his very own online gallery.  I will keep any and all fans of his work up to date.
I have added a page to my site, a mini-gallery of works by Monte Scott that I’ve put together. Check the “pages” section at the top right of this page. Blackest Ink Art Studio

  1. monte says:

    Hey Cuzzo. This is really cool blogging shit you got here man! I can’t wait to get my blog on here so let me know when you get a minute. Keep up the great work homie, I’m extremely proud of you! Awesome stuff!! Peace

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