Hello world! from Clay B. Talbert

Posted: August 3, 2008 in mystery posts, Uncategorized

My first “WordPress” article.  My name is Clay and I reside in Windsor Ontario Canada.  It’s pretty much as far south as you can get when it comes to Ontario, Canada.  My Leamington friends would dispute that fact but if the point at “Point Pele” keeps washing away they might be in trouble.

I’m a down to Earth kinda guy who spends his time these days learning things I should have learned in High School.  I can’t seem to consume enough interesting facts on a wide spectrum of issues these days.  However, with my  new found appetite for knowledge there is the one caveat, I have become a true believer in the saying, “ignorance is bliss.”  Every day I learn more and I see what the people we charge with handling complex issues are doing with their power, I cringe in fear.  Whereas in my past, as long as my little world wasn’t crumbling around me, I didn’t care.  I guess we can all be a little like that.  It’s a wild ride we’re on here.

I plan to use this site for a place to drop my personal views on various issues in my life.  Using this platform to reach any interested or like-minded souls, maybe even a kindred spirit or three.  So if you do stop in leave me a comment and a link to stop by your site to return the shout out.

There it is.  My first post of many more



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