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Living in a border city I get plenty of American news and over the years I’ve noticed a pattern that is nationwide and should have alerted the authorities long before me.
Seriously, back in the day G-men went after the Mafia and many other gangsters. After nine-eleven, the military started hunting the Taliban to put a stop to any hypothetical future threats. And yet in America one of the biggest syndicates has been thriving for years. Apparently under the proverbial radar and with complete amnesty.
I may be putting myself at risk by bringing attention to this ever-expanding criminal organization but I feel it is my humanitarian responsibility to do so. Here goes,
Everytime I’m watching the news and they interview relatives of a criminal (after he/she perpetrated some heinous shit) the first words out their mouths are, “He/she just fell in with ‘the wrong crowd’ !”
I know you’ve heard the line too.
But what I’m wondering is, why they never go looking for the leader of this crowd! They’ve never even caught a Lietenant or any other person of “the crowd”! They catch one idiot and then they stop looking for the rest of this “wrong crowd.” The shit just keeps spreading!
What’s up with that?

By Clay B. Talbert

Cuzzo on Tumblr

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I’ve joined another service. A friend requested I add the link to the new site here so I will.
check out cuzzobuzzo.tumblr.com

A collection of some of my graphics from 2011 with a Buzzo background tune to boot!


The Elves Occupy

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I had a little creative spurt for Christmas and came up with a little jingle for the holidays from the Elves perspective.


Hey Sorry for the audio.  It happened when the video got compressed for the web.  It sucks but Oh well like the elves, “I ain’t gettin’ paid 2 do this sh##!”

A Christmas Confession

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A Christmas Confession
Christmas is that time of year when even the most hardened soul succumbs to the spirit of the holidays. Just take a look at Old Ebenezer Scrooge and I’m sure you can find a version of that character right in your own circle of acquaintances.
Well, I AM that guy. And yet I just received a Thank you card (actually an email) praising the deliciousness of my Christmas baked-goods package. It can really make your day when someone appreciates the little things.
However, With the compliment properly enjoyed I found myself slightly confused by the addition of, “We especially enjoyed the pecans in the peanut butter cookies. That was a nice touch!”
You can understand my confusion concerning the compliment much better when you are informed that I have not made anything with Pecans in quite some time. In fact, I can’t recall the last time I’ve even touched a friggin’ pecan!
In a situation such as this one asks one’s self, “Self, what are you going to do?”
And this is the point when – if you are paying attention – you get to witness the duality of your own personality.
Maybe it’s just me.
Anyway – I had the presence of mind to remember the thoughts that immediately ran through my head.
And here they are:
Do I confess the truth.
Do I even know the truth
were they being truthful
perhaps it was another basket and they just got confused
They may have just eaten – which could only be described as – quite a large bug.
But then again, They liked it
who am I to relieve them of that enjoyable experience
I think everyone would be much happier if I just kept quiet
What kind of BUG could that have been anyway
I’ve never seen a Pecan sized bug up in this Ma*%$3er before!

Screw it.
Merry Christmas
Enjoy your Baked-goods!

Hey everyone,

Sorry for the delay in posting anything.  Here’s another tutorial for Adobe Photoshop on “masking” text.  This video will show you how to change the background of a masked area to display a graphic image instead of  the boring color.  I’m changing this text from black to Brick text.

Check it out!

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Here’s a quick tutorial on how to create Brushes and Patterns in Photoshop.  The reason the video appears lengthy is due to my adding a few of the patterns I’ve made.  Underscored with a tune by yours truly.

You know I can’t help myself.